Kobe Art Village Center

Epicenter ofKobe’s culture and creativity

For years, Shinkaichi has flourished as Kobe’s preeminent entertainment district, offering a wide range of artistic forms, from taishu engeki to films, and has contributed to the development of Kobe’s urban culture. In 1996, we opened the Kobe Art Village Center to further reenergize the town of Shinkaichi through the arts.

Laboratory for young artists

We are committed to nurturing emerging artists to create a town that embraces arts and creativity and stands by its artists. We work with emerging artists in various disciplines — theater, dance, visual arts, filmmaking, and music — to explore experimental and future-oriented art.

Confluence of artistic community

We work closely with local people to revitalize Shinkaichi, an old town with warm and friendly atmosphere attracting people of all ages and backgrounds. Making use of Shinkaichi’s attractiveness, we are actively involved in community cultural projects, such as Shinkaichi Music Street and Shinkaichi Film Festival, in order to generate excitement in the town. We also provide opportunities to make arts accessible for all people.

A town embracing the arts

We look forward to welcoming you to Shinkaichi’s home for creativity, KAVC.

Rental Space

Our facilities are available for variety of purposes, including stage presentations, art exhibitions, music or dance practices, and meetings. A pre-visit is recommended for the first-time users. (Reservation required) Please check descriptions of each facility for more information.

2F KAVC Hall

An auditorium accommodating approximately 200 seats is suitable for theatrical, dance, and music performances and lectures. With a base stage and retractable seating, it enables reconfigurations of the space freely*.
* Fees and a pre-meeting are required to use stage equipment and accessory fixtures.
size: Parquet 303㎡
seating capacity: roll-back chair 144; stacking chair 88

B1F KAVC Theatre

Equipped with a 35 mm film projector and a video projector*, it is a perfect space for showing films.
* Fees and a pre-meeting are required for renting.
size: Parquet 129㎡
seating capacity: stacking chair 94

1F Gallery

Our gallery space is for solo and group exhibitions displaying two- and three-dimensional artworks. Furnished with movable panels, its space layout could be arranged freely. Located nearest the main entrance, it is full of openness and accessible to every visitor.
size: 148㎡ (Full-space); 74㎡ (Half-space)

4F Rehearsal Room

Our rehearsal rooms, with mirrors on three walls and sprung floor, are suitable for physical activities such as dance and acting. No outside shoes allowed. When it is used for practices, it will be charged at 60% of the regular rate.
[Rehearsal Room 1] size: 120㎡ capacity: 60 people
[Rehearsal Room 2] size: 189㎡ capacity: 90 people

B1F Studios

Our sound proof music studios are ideal for music practices.
[Studio 1] size 58㎡ capacity: 15 people
[Studio 2] size 46㎡ capacity: 12 people
[Studio 3] size 53㎡ capacity: 15 people

3F Atelier KAVC

Our workshop for screen printing opens several days a month (13:30 through 17:00) and accommodates up to 4 persons for shared use. Please inquire for further information.

3F Conference Rooms

Each meeting room accommodates approximately 20 people. Furnished with tables, chairs, and a white-board, its space layout could be rearranged freely.
[Conference room 1] size: 72㎡ capacity: 24 people
[Conference room 2] size: 54㎡ capacity: 20 people

Floor Map



Address:5-3-14 Shinkaichi, Hyogo-ku, Kobe-shi, Hyogo 652-0811

[Kobe Kousoku Line] Shinkaichi Station Exit 8 5 min. walk
[JR Kobe Line] Kobe Station Viera Kobe Exit 10 min. walk
[City Subway] Minatogawa-Kouen Station East Gate 15 min. walk


Kobe Art Village Center (KAVC)
5-3-14 Shinkaichi, Hyogo-ku, Kobe-shi, Hyogo 652-0811
TEL : 078-512-5500 FAX : 078-512-5356

Open hours 10:00 – 22:00
Closed Tuesdays (if any national holiday falls on Tuesday, it is closed on the following day.)
New Year holidays (Dec. 28 through Jun. 4)